Q1: Can all car models be installed electric tailgate? Which car models can be installed it?

A1: At present, it does not mean that all models can be retrofitted. The product is special for special car. It has a certain relationship with the height, weight, etc. of the original car trunk door. It is not as same as the navigation. At present, there may be more than 200 models sold on the market. Luxury cars and SUV models will be more, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi. Next step, manufactures will produce the products of joint venture SUV. Among the more than 200 models, the number of self-branded car models has accounted for one third.

Q2: In the automotive electronics category, will the electric tailgate become a right demands? How to solve the problem of after-sales service of electric tailgate?

A1: From the beginning of the industry, the monthly shipments of the entire industry may be in the range of hundreds to 1000 units. But now the monthly shipments of the entire industry should be around 20000 units. It is said that it will gradually change from an ordinary device to an actual device, and it will certainly become a fundamental demand.

The electric tailgate has certain limitations in terms of maintenance, because it can’t be disassembled. However, in the process of production, the manufacturing process and materials are becoming more and more prefect. I believe that after-sales problems will be less. If you have product problems, in the industry, manufactures will check which part has problem and then replace the wrong one. If the control box and circuit board can be repaired, they will repair it for you. So we don’t have to worry too much about this problem.

Q3: The electric tailgate can be controlled remotely and opened by foot sense. When you are driving, will the tailgate be opened automatically if something is under the sensor?

All cars have a car access security system. For example, many European and American cars will automatically lock when you drive at a speed of more than 15-20 kilometers per hour, and you cannot open the tailgate. Retrofitting the electric tailgate has no influence on the logic of the original car. It obeys the logical relationship of the original car and will not rewrite the logic of the original car.